Inoreader – RSS & News Reader

This July it’ll have been 4 years since Google shut down Google Reader. I’m still mourning the loss.

Inoreader is the only cross platform app (holy smokes they even have a Windows Phone app!) and website that has replicated the look and feel of Google Reader.

I’ve tried ALL the Google Reader replacements and Inoreader is my favorite.

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SMS Backup + (by Jan Berkel)

I’ve been using SMS Backup + (by Jan Berkel) for over 5 years now.
It’s one of the very first apps I install whenever I get a new phone or flash a new ROM.

It allows your to backup your SMS, MMS and call logs to your Gmail account.

It’s completely free of charge, doesn’t have any shady permissions and is AD free.
On the Play Store it lists that it has “in-app purchases” that is ONLY if you want to donate to the developer.

Play Store Link